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The system


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OxyDerm is the treatment system Oxygen Ozone is a product created by PROO, a Company specialized in the treatments with Ozone, skin care. Treatment Oxygen and Ozone are ideal and effective for different treatments.

Treatments ozone

The system OxyDerm treatments, Oxygen, Ozone, is painless, non-invasive and natural.


How it works:
Brief introduction. The system provides, first, to have a Machine / Ozone Generator PROFIO, which ensures to produce and convey Ozone real, and in safety. Because of security. Because the Ozone does not to breathe, so much is good in nature (it protects us from UV-B and UV-C rays from the sun) so, if breathed even in small amounts, can create problems of irritation to the respiratory tract with a relief of annoying cough. It is not harmful, unless he is breathed in large quantities.

Treatments for

face, Neck, Décolleté, Hands and Feet

The professional, removes make-up face, if necessary, makes cleaning of the face, which can also extend to the neck and décolleté, the cleanses, and after a few minutes, umetta parts that must deal with the conductive Gel, medical imaging, and starts the massage with Oxygen-Ozone with the handpiece connected to the Machine that generates Ozone. The delivery of the Ozone is in the security, system, Oxy Derm, has created a handpiece, while conducting the Ozone sucks up excess gas that is absorbed by the Car, with the reverse process, falls in the same and turns it into Oxygen.

The Gas, Ozone, is conveyed with a pressure of about 2 bar, the Gel cleans the skin further and open the pores, and in the case of Ozone the machine produces dry, attack the skin, and with the complicity of the pressure, the pores open and the Ozone which, being hydrophobic, reduces the humidity, the Gas penetrates deeply and immediately begins his work natural disinfect, fight the bacteria and, if necessary, to reduce inflammation.

Treatments for

body, Legs and Arms

The dry toilets of the Ozone act through natural absorption through the skin of the gaseous mixture containing Ozone, bringing great benefits to the cellular metabolism, oxygenation of the natural tissues, the microcirculation, the water retention, elimination of free radicals and the cleavage of the acid-long fat (e.g., Cellulite). The application to the body of the gas is highly effective in the treatment of:

trattamenti all'ozono per ematomitrattamenti all'ozono per cellulite gambetrattamenti all'ozono per adipe addominale uomotrattamenti all'ozono per gambe-pesantitrattamenti all'ozono per Cicatricitrattamenti all'ozono per blocchi estensioni muscolaritrattamenti all'ozono per arrossamenti-sulla-pelletrattamenti all'ozono per Acne e foruncolositrattamenti all'ozono per invecchiamento pelle collo

Application: The procedure is simple, non-invasive and relaxing for the customer; effectiveness in many cases is perceptible right from the first application. During the treatment you must not use oily substances and oily in order to avoid the ineffectiveness of the application. The additional beneficial properties of Ozone documented by the medical literature/scientific (fungicide, bacteriostatic, virustatica, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, activator of stem cells, satellite, antibiotic, stimulating glycolysis and the production of cellular energy, etc), in addition to acting on the aesthetic improvement of the skin make, of course, a great physical well-being. (scientific source PUBMED, the most authoritative biomedical literature international with more than 17,000 scientific publications on the applications of Ozone).

Treatments for

Hair and Scalp

Beauty treatments based on Ozone act through the skin absorption of the gaseous mixture, a precious natural element. At the level of TRICHOLOGY, acts in depth, cleanses the scalp and strengthens the hair.
Treatments all'Ozono with OxyDerm TRICO are ideal and effective for combat:

trattamenti all'ozono per desquamazionetrattamenti all'ozono per pruritotrattamenti all'ozono per alopecia-androgenetica-uomotrattamenti all'ozono per Osti Follicolaritrattamenti all'ozono per brufolitrattamenti all'ozono per psoriasitrattamenti all'ozono per forforatrattamenti all'ozono per caduta capellitrattamenti all'ozono per prurito acquagenico

Treatments all'Ozono, are an innovative method, completely natural, non-invasive, which also acts on the physical well-being general. The Ozone moves freely and goes to fight even where we do not see with the naked eye. Penetrating beneath the skin, and in depth, the Ozone attacks the germs that cause; rosacea, psoriasis, acne, etc (see the imperfections of the skin) that are infecting the party and them dismantled.


In the meantime, enter in the microcirculation, disinfects the blood, and given that the Ozone is also Oxygen, nourishes the cells, and this allows you to boost the wrinkles and the various settlements that the time that passes gives us.


The system Oxy Derm is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and the results are sure and long-lasting.

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