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Localized fat and abdominal

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Adipose tissue (fat) is located is responsible for the production of bacon, coulotte and love handles. In these cases, a part of the body fat is concentrated in specific regions, which become the tank a preferential accumulation of excess lipids.

Localized fat and abdominal



The term adiposity describes the presence of a tissue particularly rich in fat cells than other areas of the body. This concept is opposed to the so-called "adiposity generalized", which indicates a homogeneous distribution of body fat.


The formation of the localized adiposity is influenced by more factors that combine with one another to give rise to the disorder;

· Varies according to the gender

· Varies depending on the age

· Varies according to the percentage of body fat

· Varies according to your genes

· Varies depending on the amount of physical activity practiced

· Has a greater sensitivity to certain hormones



The areas most affected by localized fat vary among the sexes;

· Men and women show usually the so-called "obesity-type android or apple" (fat concentrated in face, neck, shoulders and especially in the abdomen above the navel) which is associated, among other things, to higher levels of blood glucose, triglycerides, and blood pressure.

· In women prevails instead obesity type like or pear-shaped (fat concentrated in the also, in the buttocks, thighs and in the abdomen below the navel).


Localized adiposity is increasingly frequent among young people, but occurs more frequently above 40 years of age. Physiological changes are important as a decrease of estrogen in women and testosterone in males, associated with an increased resistance to insulin tend to encourage the accumulation of fat in certain areas of the body.

It is possible to treat the localized fat and abdominal massages to Ozone. The treatments act through natural absorption through the skin of the gaseous mixture, bringing great benefits to the cellular metabolism, oxygenation of the natural tissues, the microcirculation, the water retention, elimination of free radicals and the cleavage of the fatty long fats. L'Ozone plays a strong antibacterial action and stimulates the re-growth of tissues, increasing the defense capacity of the cells.

The system Oxy derm is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and the results are sure and long-lasting.


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