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Blockages and muscle tension

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Excluding organic sources, due to specific diseases, the muscle tension is often a general condition of stress and anxiety, which frequently finds its expression in the contraction of the muscles.

Blockages and muscle tension



The tendency to turn in on ourselves and irrigidirci physically, it manifests itself in the moments in which we feel a sense of danger from which we want to defend ourselves, as to make us with the shield of the body.


In nice situations, however, in which we experience wellbeing, our body tends to relax, to assume postures, stretches and soft. The muscle tension is, therefore, another “gift” of the stress that haunts our days. The physical tends to express, through the contraction, a state of inner tension, due to a number of causes;

· blocks muscle

· the frantic rhythms that punctuate the everyday life, without us to slow down

· the anxiety of facing the situations to be faced

· * the fear of not being up to the required standard

· the desire to hide their emotions and their moods.


And’ possible to deal with the blocks and muscle tension with massage Ozone, which, with its disinfectant and anti-inflammatory gives relief and, since the first session in the reduces and gives relief.


The system Oxy derm is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and the results are sure and long-lasting.


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