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Cellulite definition

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The “cellulite”, best identified with the term “dermopanniculosis edematofibrosclerotica”, is a condition which affects approximately 80-95% of women of childbearing age.

treatments for cellulite



Essentially, cellulite follows a stasi micro-circulatory activity of the hypodermis at the level of the lower limbs, alteration of the exchange of the plasma to the tissue. Cellulite is often accompanied by layers of localized fat deposits and is manifested in both the obese women and those elongated or skinny.


At tissue level, in the moment in which occurs the cellulite, you observe the following changes:

· Hypertrophy (an increase in the abnormal volume of cellular elements that constitute it) of the fat cells, with breaks and tears in the cytoplasmic membrane that surrounds them, and the consequent release of triglycerides, which diffuses at the tissue level, in the intercellular spaces.

· Accumulation of excess fluid (water retention). The balance of the venous system and the lymphatic is modified with a slowing of blood flow and fluid retention by the tissues.

· Phenomena and regressive of the mesh fabric around the adipocytes (cells of adipose tissue) with involvement also of the collagen fibers.


The factors that cause these alterations are localized to affect the microcirculation of the adipose mass and, with time, lead to a compromise of the anatomical and functional unit of the vascular tissue, which leads to the onset of problems at the expense of the hypodermis (the layer below the epidermis) and the layer immediately above the dermis. The degeneration of the microcirculation of adipose tissue leads to a consequent alteration of its most important metabolic functions. It is possible to treat cellulite with massage to Ozone.


The treatments act through natural absorption through the skin of the gaseous mixture, bringing great benefits to the cellular metabolism, all'ossigenazione natural tissue, the microcirculation, the water retention, elimination of free radicals and the cleavage of the fatty long fats. TheOzone layer plays a strong antibacterial action and stimulates the re-growth of tissues, increasing the defense capacity of the cells.


The system Oxy derm is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and the results are sure and long-lasting.


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