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Bruises and Stains of Blood

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'Hematoma will form after a payment of blood-subcutaneous, which remains beneath the skin without escape. Usually the bruises appear when he suffers a stroke from one part of the body, the muscle fibers and connective tissue are crushed without the skin to scratch or tear.

Bruises and Stains of Blood



The blood that escapes from the blood vessels, mainly the capillaries are smaller vessels of the body, is stuck internally, and the form that adults and children call commonly livid: it is a spot painful to the touch, of irregular shape and shades of the color reddish, bluish, purplish, and yellow-brown. The color change is due to the degradation of hemoglobin, the protein contained in the blood depending on the stage of the bruising fades in different shades.


There are many possible causes of easy bruising, especially on the legs. The most common cause is a trauma of average intensity, which often is caused by accident, the impact of the knee against a coffee table, a fall, a contrast with other people, etc., The bruise may emerge following trauma from sprains, muscle tears, fractures, or tears; in these more serious cases you can intervene with a cold pack or a bag of ice after the impact because it helps to reduce the size of the bruise by slowing down the blood flow underneath the skin and also diminishing the amount of blood in the tissues. Usually the bruising post-trauma pass in a couple weeks completely alone, bringing the skin to a uniform appearance as previously. And' possible to veloccizzare the healing process in treating parts with massage to Ozone.


Treatment with Ozone gives relief and up from the first session the reduces.

The system Oxy derm is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and the results are sure and long-lasting.




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