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The Ageing Of The Skin

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All living beings undergo the inevitable transformation physiological called aging. A process is irreversible, but you can slow down, a desire that always human beings seek to achieve and that constantly stimulates scientific research.




The aging of the skin is one of the problems most acutely felt by modern civilization. The skin in fact, with its surface much extended, and its role as a valuable protective sleeve, and the constant exposure to the dangers of the external environment, is particularly touched by the effects of passing time. The signs of aging are visible after a few years of life, usually at around twenty-five years, the skin starts to slow down the vital functions that give it the fresh appearance and compact typical of youth.

Skin aging is a physiological phenomenon, gradual and very complex, a multifactorial process that involves the progressive alteration of the functions and of course the outward appearance of the skin of the face and body.


The signs you see will depend on a number of changes affecting the different layers of the skin.

With years, the epidermis, the surface layer thins, the process of cell renewal slows down, the production of sebum and the ability to retain moisture decreases and the skin becomes more dry and brittle, favoring the formation of wrinkles. In addition, the skin pigmentation can become irregular, with the appearance of skin discolorations, commonly called "age spots".


In the dermis the other hand, mainly due to the effect of hormonal changes, decreases the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, with the consequent alteration of the connective tissue: the structure that "holds up" the skin thins and loses tone and elasticity, causing sagging skin typical of more mature skin. Treatments Ozone is a great way to help help the skin cells, nourish them, and fights blemishes.

At a still deeper level, in the hypodermis, are also changes related to adipose tissue, or subcutaneous fat, with loss of volume and effect, "dug" that mostly affects the cheeks. In the aging process of the skin overlap in a measure different from person to person (everyone reacts differently) changes caused by chronological aging and the other due to the photoinduced aging or photo-aging.


Chronological aging proceeds according to a program predetermined on a genetic level, because it is a natural process of senescence (aging) of cells. This means that our behaviors do not have a significant influence on its rate of progression. However, scientific research does not renounce to study the possible strategies to counter it, and so to “stretch” the life of the cells.

The photoinduced aging is the result of external factors linked to the environment in which we live and to behavioural habits. Then pollution, cigarette smoking, and also eating, but especially for the exposed areas such as the face, UV rays are considered the main cause of the signs of photo-aging.

In the woman there is, then, to consider also an influence of the hormonal type, and the signs of age.

The skin is an organ which is a hormone-dependent manner and the decrease of estrogen due to menopause accelerates the aging process, you experience a reduction in sebum levels, a decrease in the elasticity and some modifications of the epidermis. II relaxation of the skin is in fact one of the most obvious phenomena in the post-menopausal women.

With the passing of the years, the skin, the face, in particular, undergoes alterations of a different nature, which occur with; the first signs of ageing, micro wrinkles, slight or obvious accentuation of expression lines, lack of luminosity, an aspect not very compact, the skin less elastic and toned...and then you show the signs of aging, deep wrinkles, dry skin, and thin, relaxed look/falling effect “gravity”.

Treatments, anti-aging can be modulated according to the needs of skin that is showing early signs of aging, or of that in which the signs are more evident and visible, regardless of age. Also, it is very and in some the hydration of the skin, and it is possible to consider the hydrating treatment as the first gesture of cosmetics to combat skin aging.

Our skin ages for many different reasons. Some of these are unavoidable and therefore can not be changed, but on many it is possible to intervene and, in particular, oxidative stress, i.e. all those situations in which occurs an imbalance between the quantity of free radicals produced and defended anti-oxidants, as one of the main causes of aging.


An anti age treatment may be a valuable ally. Thanks to active ingredients able to combat directly the free radicals (for example, some antioxidants such as lycopene, a carotenoid present in tomato and the extract of lychee) and ingredients to support the natural defenses of the skin (Vitamins C And e) may rebalance on a daily basis the “balance” of oxidative stress detoxifying itself effectively, the skin.


The system Oxy derm is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and the results are sure and long-lasting.


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