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proo | videos of brief explanations of the benefits with ozone treatments in medicine and beauty / wellness


Treatments ossigenzo ozone @ All Right Reserved 2018  |Created by Flazio Experience

Witness and answers about the of Prof Gaeta Helium: Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, and professor of human anatomy in the subject area of biological Sciences at the university of Pavia


Prof. Elio Gaeta

Testimony on Body treatments

"Dry toilets" Ozone

Prof. Elio Gaeta
The Ozone in short

Prof. Elio Gaeta
The Ozone in medical use in the history of medicine

Prof. Elio Gaeta

L'ozono per combattere l'herpes zoster

Prof. Elio Gaeta
The Ozone in the use of TRICHOLOGY

Prof. Elio Gaeta
Facial treatment, ozone

Prof. Elio Gaeta

The ozone VS the aging of the skin

Prof. Elio Gaeta
Ozone-in use VS bacteria, fungi,

protozoa and viruses

Prof. Elio Gaeta

Ozone reduces free radicals

Prof. Elio Gaeta

The ozone improves the microcirculation

Prof. Elio Gaeta

OZONE; G. A. E. I., P. A. E. I., herniated disc

Prof. Elio Gaeta

Ozone; immune-modulating effect


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