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Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Skin Aging

2022-01-24 15:46



Oxygen Ozone Therapy for Skin Aging

Skin aging is one of the problems most felt by modern civilization. In fact, the skin, with its very large surface, with its role ...

Skin aging is one of the problems most felt by modern civilization. In fact, the skin, with its very large surface, with its role as a precious protective envelope and constant exposure to the dangers of the external environment, is particularly affected by the effects of passing time. The signs of aging become visible after a few years of life, usually around the age of twenty-five the skin begins to slow down the vital functions that give it the fresh and compact appearance typical of youth.

Skin aging is a gradual and particularly complex physiological phenomenon, a multifactorial process that involves the progressive alteration of functions and obviously of the external appearance of the skin of the body and face.

The visible signs depend on a series of changes affecting the different skin layers.

Over the years the epidermis, the most superficial layer, thins, the cell renewal process slows down, the production of sebum and the ability to retain hydration decrease and for this reason the skin becomes drier and more fragile, favoring the formation of wrinkles. Furthermore, the skin pigmentation can become irregular, with the appearance of discolorations, commonly called "age spots".

In the dermis, on the other hand, mainly due to hormonal changes, the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid decreases, with the consequent alteration of the connective tissue: the structure that "holds up" the skin thins and loses tone and elasticity, causing relaxation cutaneous typical of more mature skins. Doing Ozone Treatments is an excellent aid to help skin cells, nourish them and fight blemishes.

At an even deeper level, in the hypodermis, changes related to adipose tissue, or subcutaneous fat, also occur, with a loss of volume and a "hollowed out" effect that mainly affects the cheeks. In the skin aging process, changes caused by chronological aging and others due to photo-induced or photo-aging overlap to varying degrees from person to person (each reacts differently).

Chronological aging proceeds according to a predetermined program at the genetic level, because it is a natural process of senescence (aging) of the cells. This means that our behaviors do not significantly affect its rate of progression. However, scientific research does not give up studying the possible strategies to counter it and thus "lengthen" the life of the cells.

Photo-induced aging is a consequence of external factors related to the environment in which we live and behavioral habits. So pollution, smoking and even nutrition, but especially for exposed areas such as the face, UV rays are considered the main cause of the signs of photo-aging.

In women, there is also a hormonal influence on the signs of aging to be considered.

The skin is a hormone-dependent organ and the decrease in estrogen due to menopause accelerates its aging, a reduction in sebum levels, a decrease in elasticity and some modifications of the epidermis occur. Skin relaxation is in fact one of the most evident phenomena in the postmenopausal period.

With the passing of the years, the skin, that of the face in particular, undergoes alterations of different nature, which manifest themselves with; first signs of aging, micro-wrinkles, slight or evident accentuation of expression lines, low luminosity, less compact appearance, less toned and elastic skin ... and therefore the signs of aging are highlighted; deep wrinkles, dry and thin skin, relaxed / sagging appearance due to a "gravitational" effect.

However, an anti-aging ozone treatment can be a precious ally. Thanks to active ingredients capable of directly fighting free radicals (for example some antioxidants such as lycopene, a carotenoid present in tomato and lychee extract) and ingredients to support the skin's natural defenses (Vitamins C and E) it can rebalance the skin on a daily basis. "Balances" oxidative stress by effectively detoxifying the skin.

The Oxy derm system is safe, natural, non-invasive, painless and with reliable and lasting results.

Oxy Derm Plus and Oxy Derm Body, are devices / ozone generators unique in the world, safe, non-invasive, for anti-aging treatments, to counteract skin aging, absolutely painless and with certain and lasting results. Oxy Derm Plus, source of oxygen cylinder, Oxy Derm Body, source of air, produce ozone of excellent quality for face and body treatments in absolute safety.

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