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Treatments to Ozone for

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PROO Aesthetics & Wellness has created Machines with revolutionary and high-level technology that combines the benefits of Oxygen with the exceptional healing properties of Ozone, treatments for Face, Body and Hair.



These treatments are based on the natural properties of Ozone, used now for more than 100 years in the medical field for the treatment of various diseases. The application of ozone in medicine, dates back to the war of 1915-18, during which, he had to avoid the spread of gangrene (or gangrene) in the wounds of the limbs. Today, successful treatment, through the Oxygen-Ozone Therapy, the severe skin lesions that mainly affect diabetics in the hands and feet.

Skin treatments occur through natural absorption through the skin of the gaseous mixture containing Ozone, bringing great benefits to the cellular metabolism, oxygenation of the natural tissues, the microcirculation, the water retention and the elimination of free radicals. The application is highly effective in the treatment of:

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Thanks to our machinery and our products you can use dozens of different treatments to solve small and big problems. The high technology of our services is guaranteed and 100% Italian.

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