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The use of treatments to Ozone and specific products matched to the correct use of creams and oils, their effects can significantly contribute to improve the health of our skin and consequently the general well-being.




With the passage of time, the stress, the power supply is not correct or for simple preparation, various types of skin lose their elasticity, gloss...



...and a good cleaning of the face, made with the help of creams and oils and OZONE quality, can give a new life to your skin, making it radiant, while diminishing wrinkles, deflating the eye and offer a sense of toning and well-being that makes us more confident with ourselves and others.


products for the


The products of the sensory work on the needs of our skin as the signs of fatigue, the lack of brightness or the signs of age. The precious essences inside playing with our senses: touch and smell.

A ritual from the cabin in the format the house.


products for the


The body treatment of our line of sensory perception, gives the skin firmness and hydration. A cuddle, that knows luxury.


products for the


The hair line are specially designed to cleanse, disinfect and nourish the hair and scalp in a delicate way to counteract the formation of dandruff and blemishes, such as: psoriasis, pruritro, desuqmazione, etc, thanks to the action of ozonized oil in them.


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Thanks to our machinery and our products you can use dozens of different treatments to solve small and big problems. The high technology of our services is guaranteed and 100% Italian.

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