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TORNADO Air Sanitation is a machine revolutionary and high-level technology, unique in its kind. TORNADO generates Ozone quality that sanitizes the environment you want



Machinery generators of Ozone for Decontamination, Deodorization and disinfection of small environments

TORNADO is an ozone generator Hi-Tech, made with high quality components and great attention, to ensure high effectiveness and reliability in the use of continuous and heavy-duty professional and industrial. Designed for the treatment of air, water, liquids and solid bodies. The machine, unique in its applications, has been designed and produced by adopting the scientific bases of the most important research Institutes. Technologies (filed ©) applied to this machine are innovative and exclusive, completely designed and developed by our R&D department in collaboration with important and qualified international Partners.

Certification of the durability of the main components used PROFIO s.r.l. declares that the life of the main components used in the equipment indicated on page 17 is: - Cell ozonogena ceramic: 15,000 hours (max 60° C – 20% RH) air Compressor: 1,500 hours (max 50° C – 50% RH) - push button: 100,000 - Fan air: 80,000 hours (max 50° C – 90% RH) - Timer: 50.000 operations (internal relay).

Certification of the mixture produced

PROFIO s.r.l. declares that the composition of the mixture produced by the equipment shown on page 17 is the following: - Ozone (O3): 20 ppm to 60 m3/h - water Vapor (H2O): 17,8 ppm - nitrogen Dioxide (NO2): <0.04 ppm - nitric Acid (HNO3): <0.001 ppm, The values were detected by gauges certified with a tolerance of maximum 3%.

Certification of the production rate of ozone

PROFIO s.r.l. declares that the production of ozone, relative to the equipment, as indicated on page 17, detected by the measuring device or ANALYZER BMT 964 serial number 151045069 produced by BMT MESSTECHNIK GMBHD-Germany, with a reading error less than 0.5% is found to be 2.65 g/h with a flow of 14 l/min.


Technical features:
- Source: air flow AMCSozone© - oxygen from the concentrator
- Ozone production: 2.5 g/h (air) - 4.0 g/h (oxygen 5 l/min)
- Concentration ozone from a fan: 20-32 ppm
- Ozone concentration from the fillet: a 3.2-14.0 g/m3
- Flow from the fan: 60 m3/h
- Air flow from the junction: 13 l/min.
- Gas pressure fitting: 0.7 Bar max
- Power Supply: 220/240 Vac-50/60 Hz - 75 W
- Dimensions and weight: l 12 x h 47 x d 38 cm. - 7.6 Kg.


Certification Made in Italy

Pursuant to art. 16 paragraph I, of Legislative Decree n. 135/2009, PROFIO s.r.l. aware of the penalties provided for by article 517 of the penal code for cases of misrepresentation and the formation of false acts, declares that the design, processing and packaging, equipment, have been made exclusively on the Italian territory, by PROFIO s.r.l. the same without the intervention of third parties.




Machinery generators of Ozone for Decontamination, Deodorization, and Sanitization of small and large environments

The TORNADO Silver Air Sanitation 5 and 10 g and TORNADO Blue, are machines revolutionary and high-level technology, unique in its kind. TORNADO generates Ozone quality that sanitizes the environment of up to 1000 m3; Offices, Shops, Hairdressers, beauty salons, Medical Centers, dental surgeries, Schools and Kindergartens, Restaurants, Mechanical Workshops, Warehouses, cold storage, etc

In summary:

· Delete for eco-friendly and natural bacteria, viruses, dust mites, molds, fungi, spores, and every type of parasite.

· Eliminates unpleasant odors.

· Do not leave a trace chemical residual, but it turns into pure oxygen after use, so it is also eco-friendly.

· Cleans and sanitizes thoroughly, even slots less accessible, every surface with which it comes in contact.

· You can use it to sanitize mattresses, sofas, chairs, carpets, rugs, vehicles, environments, etc.

· Is a procedure recognized by the Ministry of Health.

The Ozone is a gas and is heavier than air and for this penetrate into the interior of the fibres of the fabrics (mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets, interior of vehicles). In this way, reaches and eliminates all micro-organism and foul-smelling substance is also present in the most difficult to reach, impossible to clean and sanitize at the bottom, with a classic dry, as it may be meticulous and thorough.
TORNADO Air Sanitation ensures treatments to Ozone sanitizers and disinfectants, with the added value of an environment fragrant. The TORNADO machine is the only Ozone generator that after sanitized and sanitized, automatically releases a scent of essences totalmenti natural, that you can choose between the dozens of fragrances available, including for cars and caravans, the smell of new. This fragrance is particolarmenteindicata for the dealers and distributors of cars and campers.


Certificazione della durata dei principali componenti utilizzati
PROO s.r.l. dichiara che la durata dei principali componenti utilizzati nell'apparecchiatura indicata a pagina 16 è:
- Cella ozonogena di tipo ceramico: 15.000 ore (max 60° C – 20% RH)
- Compressore aria: 1.500 ore (max 50° C – 50% RH)
- Pulsanteria: 100.000 operazioni 
- Ventole aria: 80.000 ore (max 50° C – 90% RH)
- Timer: 50.000 operazioni (relè interno)

Certificazione della miscela prodotta

PROO s.r.l. dichiara che la composizione della miscela prodotta dall'apparecchiatura è la seguente:
- Ozono (O3): 32 ppm a 60 m3/h
- Ossigeno: 92%
- Vapore acqueo (H2O): 17,8 ppm
- Biossido di azoto (NO2): <0,04 ppm
- Acido nitrico (HNO3): <0,001 ppm
I valori sono stati rilevati tramite misuratori certificati con tolleranza massima del 3%.

Certificazione della produzione oraria di ozono

PROO s.r.l. dichiara che la produzione di ozono, relativa all'apparecchiatura indicata a pagina 16, rilevata tramite l'apparecchio di misura ANALYZER BMT 964 numero di serie 151045069 prodotto dalla BMT MESSTECHNIK GMBHD-Germany, con errore di lettura inferiore a 0,5% è risultata di 9,85 g/h con un flusso di 5 l/min.

Certificazione Made in Italy

Ai sensi dell''art. 16 comma I° del Decreto Legislativo n°135/2009, PROO s.r.l., consapevole delle pene previste dall'articolo 517 del codice penale per i casi di dichiarazioni non veritiere e di formazione di atti falsi,
dichiara che il disegno, la progettazione, la lavorazione e il confezionamento, dell'apparecchiatura descritta a pagina 16 del presente libretto di istruzioni, sono stati compiuti esclusivamente sul territorio italiano, da PROO s.r.l. stessa senza l'intervento di terze parti.

Moltlepici studies suggest that the disinfection and sanitization using ozone is over 2000 times more effective than any type of sanitising traditional, is the most powerful bactericidal and virustatico, usable, existing in nature.
There are numerous validations of the scientific of Ozone on the part of scholars, universities and institutions, some of these (more than 18,000) are available online on PUBMED the most authoritative biomedical literature international.


The system sanitization to’ Ozone is a cleaning method completely ecological, not leaving behind any chemical residue, and has been defined as an agent safe “GRAS” from’F. D. A, the u.s. Food and Drug Administration. In Italy, the Ministry of Health with protocol n° 24482 of 31/07/1996, has recognized the system sanitizing with ozone as a garrison for the sterilization of natural environments contaminated by bacteria, viruses, spores, etc. and infested by mites and insects.

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