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Ozone machines for sanitizing

PROO produces ozone machines to sanitize small, medium, large, very large environments ... Offices, schools, shops, laboratories, medical and veterinary practices, gyms, apartments and houses, restaurants and bars, beauty centers, hotels, retirement homes , teelettature, etc ...


PROO produces  Ozone machines to sanitate small, medium, large, great environments... Offices, schools, shops, laboratories, medical and veterinary studies, gyms, apartments and houses, restaurants and bars, beauty centers, hotels, rest homes, teatelling, etc...

Is Ozone the best and most powerful natural sanitizer in the world?

Air and water, essential elements for life, are often contaminated with substances that are harmful to human and animal health. Contrary to popular belief, the most harmful elements to the health of living beings are not viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms but are the abundant toxic substances present in the air, water and on any solid body exposed to these vital elements.

In fact, the WHO (World Health Organization) has found that 92% of the world population breathes air contaminated with chemicals, drinking water is chemically contaminated almost all over the world. Air and water pollution produces 12.6 million deaths every year, 1.4 million of these deaths are in Europe. Countless research institutes from many countries around the world have validated the use of ozone for the decontamination of air and water from chemicals.

Numerous guidelines and protocols for the treatment of chemicals and microorganisms with ozone gas are available online (the best in English).

SOURCE: ISS COVID-19 report No. 56/2020 of 23 July 2020

on page 41 he explains that air-powered machines can produce toxic substances and therefore says:

"It is necessary that the generators are equipped with a special filtration system of the ambient air source in order to retain possible contaminants present (atmospheric particulate PM10, PM2.5, VOC, etc.) and avoid or limit the generation of reaction by-products (secondary pollutants) harmful to the human body ... .. It is necessary that the filtering system is able to also reduce the humidity of the air to avoid a decrease in the relative ozone yield and the possible production of nitric acid capable of damage the cell and vaporize and disperse into the environment through the delivery stream. In the absence of information in this regard in the user manual, it will therefore be essential to acquire from the manufacturer a specific declaration on the guarantees adopted to avoid the unwanted phenomena mentioned above.

Download ISS COVID-19 report n. 56/2020 of 23 July 2020

Applications for the reduction of chemical substances in the air represent about 70% of the use of gas in the civil, professional and industrial sectors. The high oxidizing capacity of ozone is able to eliminate or reduce countless chemical substances present in the air and on solid bodies of various kinds, for example the reduction of allergens of organic and inorganic nature and of many other air pollutants such as human bioeffluents. In fact, our body emits chemical compounds that sometimes reach concentrations that are harmful to health, many of these compounds are also characterized by an unpleasant odor.

Ozone is a powerful deodorizer because, unlike many other chemicals that cover odors, the gas changes the odor molecule and eliminates it. Very important is the destructive action that ozone can exert on many indoor pollutants such as: sulfur oxides, airborne particles, benzene, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), endotoxins and mycotoxins generated by bacteria and molds, etc.

Science has amply demonstrated that the periodic treatment of environments, both in civil and industrial fields, considerably improves the quality of life of people, thanks to the profound decontamination that ozone is able to carry out. A real biological washing of the walls and all the objects contained therein, difficult to obtain through other applications.

The vigorous preventive and biostatic action, typical of ozone gas, makes the birth and reproduction of innumerable species of microorganisms difficult, if not impossible, its effective repellent action favors their removal. The treatment of water for human use and for industrial processes produces a reduction of 60 ÷ 90% in heavy metals and 45 ÷ 85% in pesticides. Furthermore, no less important is the reduction of around 70% of hydrocarbons and nitrates, 45% of non-ionic surfactants (55% are more biodegradable) and 90% of chlorinated by-products. Ozonated water is a valid ally for human, animal and plant health.

- Microorganisms in the air: most applications are made for the prevention of microbiological contamination versus the resolution of ongoing contamination. The treatments generally use an ozone concentration in the air of 1-3 ppm and a contact time that varies from 30 to 180 minutes.​​

- Microorganisms in water: Most applications are made for the prevention of microbiological contamination versus the resolution of ongoing contamination. It is an application little used in advanced countries while it is widely used in the Third World.




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